Sunday, September 30, 2012

Off To The Market...

Another civilian taking the fruits of his labour to the market and hoping he won't get robbed by bandits or tax collectors on the way back. The figure is another civilian from the Perry Miniatures Carlist War range. The small cactus is from the Pegasus plastic set.

And another groupshot, I'll probably need a bigger backdrop soon...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Capitan

An unparallelled swordmaster from Spain, the Capitan was secretly hired by the Commandante to pose as a masked hero for justice and gain Zorro's confidence in order to deliver him in the hands of the authorities. But Monastario may have gotten more than he bargained for as faced with the reality of the Commandante's oppression and the true nature of the "bandit" Zorro, the Capitan's innate sense of justice will make him question where his true loyalties should be...

The Capitan is a not-Zorro produced by Brigade Games, under the name "El Capitan". It can be found in the Western range. The small cactus on the base is from the Pegasus small cacti set. There are a few differences from the normal Zorro costume (the sleeveless vest instead of a cape), but the figure is too nice not to find a place for.

The background for the Capitan was taken from a storyline from the 1981 "The New Adventures of Zorro" cartoon. The character in that story was named "Mario", but I prefered to call him "The Capitan" in my interpretation of the character.

And a groupshot with all the painted models so far (my display board mock-up is starting to get crowded)...

The Spanish Envoy

Word has reached Spain that trouble is brewing in the Pueblo of Los Angeles. A special envoy is sent to deal with it. A cultured diplomat and veteran soldier, he'll present a challenge to our hero's Don Diego and Zorro alter egos alike.

The figure is from Perry Miniatures' Carlist War range.

More Peons

Two more Foundry peons. Not much to say, other than that the eyes on the one that's hunched over seem too big now that I see them at larger than life size. I will have to slightly touch them up.

And a group shot of all the civilians so far (mix of Foundry and Perry miniatures).

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Locals from the Pueblo of Los Angeles

Some more locals from the Pueblo of Los Angeles. These figures are made by Perry Miniatures and are meant to be Spanish civilians from the Carlist War, roughly contemporary to Zorro's time and it stands to reason you'd find elements of their traditional dress in California residents of Spanish decent. These are slightly better off than the poorer peons.

Casting on the figures was rather rough, which required a lot of cleaning and generally made the painting experience far from pleasant. Still, they are done and while not my best work for this project, they will fit in just find as random bystanders.

And another group shot.