Saturday, July 21, 2012

A New Project In Glorious Black & White

I had wanted to do this project for some time since I had the idea. What I wanted was to recreate the true Zorro of childhood Sathurdays, as portrayed by the unforgettable Guy Williams.  None of that modern Antonio Banderas mythology for me (he's not even the real Zorro). I can respect the Tyrone Powers version as it clearly inspired the later Disney show and I'll even admit to a soft spot for the Alain Delon version (though again, not a true Zorro), but in the end, there is only one true Zorro and this is the man:

Now, the only way to do justice to my childhood hero is by representing him on the table as he was presented to me on those treasured Sathurday evenings. In glorious black and white. And so I did...

When I first encountered this black and white painting style (actually shades of grey) I thought it a mere gimmick that would have little more use than a diorama if one was so enclined. Vikotnik's wonderful "Nosferatu - A Symphony of Horror"-project made me reconsider and what project could be better suited than this one to try it out?

The pictures are full colour and have not been adjusted (aside from the usual correction of sharpness etc...). I printed out a custom background and floor in black and white to serve as a backdrop, otherwise the effect would be spoiled. 

And a shot with some colour (background and landsknecht mini in the center) (as if you couldn't see him) in case someone might think it's a fake:

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